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Welcome! Arlington Heights Wildlife Removal is a full-service pest control company specializing only in the removal of nuisance animals in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Whether you have a problem with squirrels in the attic, a raccoon in your garbage, skunks under your shed, rats or mice in your house, a snake in your yard, or a problem with birds or bats, we can solve it! We are fully trained and know everything about the wildlife of Illinois. We answer our phone 24/7, and can schedule a same-day or next day appointment. Call us at 630-524-2015 and see why we are voted Arlington Heights's best animal removal company! Some of the services we offer include:

  • Humane Animal Trapping & Relocation
  • Home, Roof, and Attic Inspections
  • Preventative and Animal Damage Repairs
  • Attic Cleanup, Feces Cleanup, Odor Control
  • Arlington Heights, IL Snake Removal
  • Poison-free Rat & Mouse Control - Permanent
  • Bat Removal and Bird Control
  • Dead Animal Carcass Removal

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Arlington Heights trapping Wildlife control has evolved over time and so it is important to know how to approach every situation of animal intrusion on your property. There are animal control methods that were valid 5 years ago but that is no longer valid. So it is important to be sure the company you are hiring employs the latest methods that are acceptable under the law. With us, one of the major benefits that those who use our services will enjoy is that we do an in-depth analysis of the situation of the customer. We also employ modern methods that comply with current regulations. Our methods are humane and animal-friendly. They are also convenient and easy for the customer and would not disrupt their normal activities. We are a thought leader in the industry and as such, we set the pace for others to follow. This means we can assure our customers that they are getting first class and the highest premium service. Some companies use violent and several inhumane methods and they argue that the end justifies the means. We don’t use these inhumane methods to drive the animals out. We utilize methods that achieve results for our customers and also successfully remove the animal safely and reintegrate them into the wild.

What Prices Do We Charge?

Every wildlife situation is different: What type of animals? do you need trapping, prevention, repairs, cleanup? Call us and we can give pricing for your situation.

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We are experts in the wild animals of Illinois. We treat these animals with respect, in a humane manner. We are not a typical Arlington Heights exterminator company. We focus on complete solutions, and have experience with every type of unwanted critter in Arlington Heights, IL. Example animals we handle include:

  • Arlington Heights animals in the attic like squirrels
  • Arlington Heights rodent extermination - no poisons
  • Arlington Heights bat removal and Arlington Heights bird control
  • Arlington Heights snake removal, Arlington Heights dead animal removal

Arlington Heights wildlife control Tip of the Month:

How Can I Find a Dead Bat and Get It Out of My House?
Bats are obnoxious creatures already, but when there is a dead one inside your house that makes matters even worse. That would seem like it is the end of your problem, but it actually may be magnifying your problem. Because these animals are the carriers of a number of diseases and parasites, a dead bat becomes a breeding ground for these pathogens. Before you know it, parasites are becoming airplanes and the dried feces and decaying body of the bat. Bacteria are allowed to prosper, growing quickly. Then there is the other problem associated with this. A dead bat becomes a meal to a mouse, rat, or any number of insects. It won’t be long before these critters are all over that bad, spreading the diseases.

What Is That Smell???
Of course, the worst part about any decaying animal is the smell. A bat is no different. In no time, that horrific smell of death could be permeating throughout your house, causing you to scramble about wondering how you can find a dead bat and then what do you do with it once you do find it?

Following the Evidence
While that smell may be absolutely horrific, it could be the very thing you need to help you to locate the bat. Start by following your nose or the nose of one of your pets. You can be sure that after a little while your cat is going to be wondering “what the hell is that smell?” He or she will be sniffing all over looking for wherever that smell is coming from. The same will be true of your dog. Follow the scent and hopefully this should lead you to the location.

There may even be an instance where you can see that ants, roaches, or some other critter is moving towards a spot in your home. This could be where the dead bat is decaying.

Disposing of the Bat
Once you have located the bat, your next step is to dispose of it. Before doing so, you should protect yourself from any potential health risks. Where long pants and a long-sleeve shirt. Where boots and thick gloves, and a surgical mask and goggles if you have them. You want to protect any exposed skin as well as your respiratory system.

Use a shovel or other similar device to scoop the bat into a trash bag. Double not the bag, and then put it inside another garbage bag. This helps to ensure that there is as minimal risk to you and your family as possible.

Throwing the animal inside a garbage can wears a lid securely fastens the garbage can closed. You don’t want any animal coming to drive the bat out of your garbage can. Once the bat is picked up, thoroughly clean out your garbage can with ammonia and water. You should also thoroughly scrub the area where the dead bat was found. This should be done at least three times with ammonia and water.

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We service local towns such as Normal, Yuton, Merna, Towanda, Danvers. If in doubt about our service range near Arlington Heights, or the wildlife services we offer, give us call at 630-524-2015. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your Arlington Heights pest control critter problem!